My name is Gabriella.
I've had birds for
as long as I can remember. I was born in Europe
and moved to the USA in 1985. We bought a house in
De Soto Missouri and I started my dream to breed
birds. I joined MCBA in 89 and I got my
first pair of Australian Parakeets.

My true passion is breeding the Australian Parakeets. I specialize in Neophemas. To me they are the most beautiful birds. The color will amaze you and also the sweetness and the pleasant little song they make. They are attractive to everyone. To me they symbolize beauty and peace.

I just recently got some Pacific parrotlets
and I fell in love with them.

I close band all of my babies for identification purposes. I also supply hatch dates and certificates to everyone who buys one of my babies. I have a small closed aviary; visitors are welcome only with appointment. I would like to find loving homes for all of my baby birds and I reserve the right the refuse anyone.

Member of: MACBS, AFA, MCBA, PBA

Thanks for reading my homepage.

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